* It is based on the sale of packages of text and image ads that are displayed in rotation on all pages of the Community TRAIBORG.

* Each ad will cost only 100 euros plus taxes and Paypal fees paid only once for life and can be edited as often as desired.

* The ad format can be seen live here on the same page, left column below the menu.

* The Community Traiborg shared with advertisers to 85% bonus through a system that generates money and sustainable indefinitely feedback on 3×2 matrices (small) of only 12 positions are independent and rotating arrays lifetime at three different levels . Each ad purchased will automatically create a position in the matrix of the purchasing member and each member can buy as many ads as you wish.

* Here we give an explanation of how it works Traiborg System Multi

Rotator Marketing:

Plan de Compensación

– When a member decides to buy an ad network the system automatically creates for him a BRONZE level matrix with its first position and has access to all the tools in your Back Office where you can edit your ad, activate and view statistics thereof.

– At this time, as other members to purchase ads, “means, each ad position” are placed in the system matrices from left to right and from the matrix 1 to infinity.

– All parents, at all three levels, are rotated for life and are filled positions, ie, in each array is calculated the number of ads purchased. For example, a person who buys ads thirteen (your + 12 positions) the first matrix is completed automatically from the second level (you’ll understand later).

– Traiborg System Multi Rotator Marketing has established a compensation system for all members who purchase one or more ads system as shown below:


As is placed under your position three direct positions in the first line of Matrix, you gain 20 euros for each position individually or may withdraw the sum of 60 euros. Then you need to expect to complete the second line of the matrix with nine positions, and will be when your first matrix is complete, then you win another 100 euros, plus a new position at the same level with a BRASS and advance to the second level position called Silver.


As you follow the first three positions of the BRONZE level, you gain 200 euros you can remove it immediately. Then you have to wait another nine positions follow the second line of SILVER Bronze level to level while so your Silver level array in full. Wanted 700 euros here that you can withdraw immediately, a new position at the Silver level and you proceeds at the same time with a Gold-level position


At this level the same thing happens at other levels. As you follow the three positions is when you receive 800 euros in your Virtual Office can remove them immediately. Now we have to expect anyone to follow the nine people on the second line (at the Silver level Gold) and this completes your first GOLD level matrix and win 4000 euros you can withdraw immediately, plus a bonus gift as a COMPUTER LAPTOP-valued at approximately EUR 800, receiving it in the place you specify. Besides all this, get in your Virtual Office 300 euros, that only you can use 3-position to give 3 people who do not have the resources to become part of the wonderful and unique Traiborg System. But it is not unique, because you also get back another position at the same level which will also be rotating Gold for life. And, as you have the first GOLD level matrix being completed-rotating arrays for life-you already have in the BRONZE level about 12 working parent which 3 of them will be completed and advance to the second level. Note that this is only for a payment of 100 euros plus taxes, and also for life. There is no possibility of game or lose, just a matter of time. No additional fees or other fees or hidden.

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