Exclusive System: Your own life advertising space for Text Ad, BANNER Ad and Text & Image Ad with a single and small fee for your promotion.

The advertising spaces consist of three packets that are the following:

BRONZE PACKAGE: The product is a Text Ad for only € 100 LIFETIME.

SILVER PACKAGE: The product is a BANNER Ad for only € 300 LIFETIME.

GOLD PACKAGE: The product is a Text & Image Ad for only € 600 LIFETIME.

Ads display in constant rotation on the pages of the Community Traiborg and can be edit as many times as desired, being visible for all internet pages by being indexed in all search engines.

The format of the ads can be viewed in the pages of Traiborg.

► The Text Ad are placed in the left or right columns in the pages.
► The BANNER Ad are placed in the top or bottom in the pages.
► The Text & Image Ad are located in the left or right columns in the pages.

The Community Traiborg compensates users who use this service through a money generating system indefinitely sustainable and retrofitted with 3×2 matrices with only 12 positions.

Matrices are independent, rotary lifetime and are filling by spilling into one global line.

Each ad acquired automatically creates a position in the matrix of user purchaser.

Each user can buy as many ads as he wants to BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD (cycles are completed with ads NO with users).

Below we give you an explanation about how “Traiborg System” Multi Rotator Marketing works.




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